Cold feet from circulatory issues

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While having cold feet might make you think of a certain Julia Roberts movie where her character ran from the altar, this kind of cold feet doesn’t involve a ring.

If you have cold feet or cold hands, chances are that you might be dealing with circulation issues. While this can be annoying and even uncomfortable (especially for loved ones who have to hold your cold hands!), there are lots of options to treat this naturally.


One of the first thoughts on treating this issue would be a natural blood thinner. Garlic immediately comes to mind. Did you know that garlic is a natural blood thinner? It’s also a natural antibiotic and is good for the heart. (And it may keep away those pesky vampires if you struggle with that, too…) But, seriously, garlic has been shown to help thin the blood and restore healthy circulation. According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, garlic is often used in the treatment of circulatory disorders and to enhance blood circulation throughout the veins and arteries. (1)


Another great option to consider is nattokinase, an enzme derived from a fermented soy product called natto. Nattokinase is helpful in treating various circulatory conditions because it breaks down blood clots and helps to thin blood that may have become thick and sticky, which can eventually lead to other, more serious health issues. (2)


Years ago I worked with a man who would sometimes order in Chinese food for lunch. He favored the Kung Pao chicken. Much to everyone else’s amusement, he always broke out in a profuse sweat when he ate it. Why? Because it was spicy! There was definitely some sort of pepper in that dish! But, the very chemical in peppers that gives them their heat can help tremendously with circulation problems. That chemical is called capsaicin. When you consume capsaicin, it creates a heat that opens arteries and blood vessels. This instantly improves blood flow and circulation. If you’re not into torturing your taste buds regularly, you can easily obtain capsaicin in supplemental form to get daily benefits without the bite. (3)

Vitamin E

There are some vitamins that help keep blood flowing, too. Vitamin E is one of them. Its specialty in this regard is to dilate blood vessels so blood can flow freely. Vitamin E is also necessary to produce red blood cells and to keep the blood from clotting. (4)


Hawthorn is a family of flowering shrubs and trees native to the Northern hemisphere. They are often used as hedges. Tiny, bright red berries grow on the hawthorn. They are safe to eat but are very tart. There are several species of hawthorn that provide heart health benefits. A March 2011 study of Chinese hawthorn showed that it has blood-thinning properties. Blood clot formation was shown within 24 hours of administering the extract to the study participants. Another study, conducted in December 2012, discovered four additional compounds in hawthorn that may have anti-clotting benefits. (5, 6)


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Got Cold Feet (With No Reason to Run)?

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